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Student World is an online resource to assist you and to make sure you get the most out of your course. It contains valuable information on the one hand and provides a range of helpful services on the other. You can use Student World as the interface between you and tutor at any time. It contains many extra learning facilities too, to make your studies both more stimulating and more fun - and at the same time, help make you more productive.

At the same time it acts as your course manager - you can use it to submit your assignments, monitor your results and progress and keep up to date with all the news 'on campus'. Student World is there to make your learning experience richer and your studies easier.

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SkillsTrain - Your Fast Track To A New Career

SkillsTrain is an acknowledged leader in providing affordable, high quality IT training. Our specialist knowledge is industry led and commercially focused. It will benefit the aspiring IT professional as well as those taking their first steps to gaining a recognised qualification. We provide our students with the skills and qualifications that will make a difference to their career success and their earning potential.

The SkillsTrain organisation has successfully taught millions of students from all over Europe. Our vast experience gives us the confidence to say to you that you cannot fail. We can assure you that you will gain new skills and successfully achieve valuable qualifications - a guarantee of a successful future. More career opportunities will be opened up to you. All we ask of you is effort and commitment, the end result will bring its own ample reward.


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